Aging In Place – What products are best for staying in your home?

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As the boomer generation continues to grow, home modifications to enable seniors to live independently at home are hot topics. Compared to past decades, the popularity of moving to assisted living facilities has dropped. Instead, homeowners are taking steps to prepare their homes for the years to come and to face the challenges of aging head on. With this surge of interest, many valuable senior focused products have surfaced as a way to combat struggles with limited mobility and aging in place. Here are a few products to consider.

Stair Lifts

Motorized chair lifts are a great solution to getting up and down the stairs at home. Many boomers live in older homes with split-level or 2 story stairways and the prospect of falling because of limited mobility or dizziness is on the mind of aging homeowners.

In-Home Caregivers

Instead of committing to an expensive off-site senior living community, seniors are opting for in-home assisted care. From help with bathing to shopping, companionship and chores, this route can help make the transition to navigating your golden years much easier.

Medical Alerts

Family is not always nearby, so investing in a medical alert system is a good choice to make sure you have support if you fall in your home. With push-button necklaces, these devices can alert medical authorities, family members and emergency contacts and send aid immediately.

Walk-In Tubs

A bathtub with a door and a seat gives comfort and security to those who are having challenges climbing over the edge of a conventional bathtub. With a low threshold entry, ADA compliant seat, and hydrotherapy options, walk in tubs from providers like Independent Home, can be a primary modification when aging in place.

Reverse Mortgages

If you are a homeowner and over the age of 62, you can apply for a reverse mortgage to take a cash payout from the equity in your home. Often funds sources from this type of mortgage are used to cover the costs of modifications like stair lifts or walk in tubs. These are some of the most common preventative measures that seniors are taking to prepare their homes for the future. These topics can be difficult to discuss, but are at the top of mind as our boomer generation moves forward and embraces aging in place.

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