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Stairlift NYC |Finding a Stair Lift in NY

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NYC Stairlifts is the answer to "Oh, my aching back"! The right stairlift for your home will do more than move seniors from first to second floor, it can move laundry and groceries saving your aching back.  Stairlifts will do the heavy lifting up a variety of stair cases. If your stair case is narrow or wide, straight or curved,

Idaho Stair Chair Lift | Indoor Stair Lift Features that Matter Most

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Installing a stair chair lift in your Idaho home can keep you in your home and eliminate the need for costly home remodels.an those who are recuperating from surgery or other short-term mobility issue, renting a stairlift can be an effective solution. A stair chair lift will also offer an additional safety solution for those who have vision problems, or for

Chair Lift for Stairs | Reasons to Buy a Stair Lift

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Installing a chair lift for stairs is becoming more and more common in today's day and age. Many homes feature staircases for both decorative and practical purposes. However, at a certain age or when injury strikes, stairs can become a daily struggle. While there’s always the option of moving and finding a home without a staircase, this can be really

Hawaii Stairlift | Is Renting a Stair Chair Lift for You?

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Is it possible to rent a stairlift in Hawaii or anywhere else instead of buying one? Oftentimes, people wonder whether it is possible to rent a stairlift for a period of time rather than purchasing it. The answer is, yes, you can rent from a reputable stairlift company. However, your personal situation and the type of product you are seeking will contribute to whether


Home Improvement Financing Tips

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What can homeowners do if products or services are needed, or desired, for their home, but cash or credit cards funds are not available?   Financing the purchase over a period of time enables the homeowner to fit a small monthly payment into their overall budget enabling them to address these enhancements to their home.  Many home improvement product dealers and

Aging In Place – What products are best for staying in your home?

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As the boomer generation continues to grow, home modifications to enable seniors to live independently at home are hot topics. Compared to past decades, the popularity of moving to assisted living facilities has dropped. Instead, homeowners are taking steps to prepare their homes for the years to come and to face the challenges of aging head on. With this surge

Choosing an Outdoor Stairlift? Read This First…

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For anyone who loves the outdoors, being confined to a porch or deck because of steps can be heartbreaking. Whether you want to travel through the neighborhood or across the country, the first step of your journey is getting safely off your deck or porch, even if it has stone or cement stairs. Outdoor stairlifts are made specifically for exterior

Product Spotlight and Review: The Hawle Treppenlifte

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When stairs become a barrier to mobility at home, the Hawle Treppenlifte personal stair lift may be the perfect solution. Manufactured in Germany with all the engineering that has long set German manufacturing apart from the rest, Hawle Treppenlifte makes quality indoor, outdoor, curved, and straight chairlifts. The Hawle is distributed across the United States by Precision Stairlifts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G0bLc9Tkdw Hawle Indoor


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