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Regardless of the reason for purchasing a stairlift, whether you have recently sustained an injury that makes it difficult for you to travel up and down your steps or you are growing older and having trouble walking throughout your home, there are several important steps that make up the buying process.

10 Steps to Buying a Stairlift

Preparing for Installation

1. First, you must determine if the stairlift user is physically capable of getting into and out of the stairlift seat. Some models feature swivel seats that make this easier while other stairlift seats are secured to the unit. Before making a purchase, it is important to consider the stairlift user’s mobility and ensure that he or she can safely get into the seat.

2. Next, review the dimensions of your staircase to confirm that there is adequate room to accommodate a stairlift. If you are unsure of the measurements or you need assistance in recalculating the length and width of your stairs, consider asking a friend or family member to help you. You can use our price calculator to guide you through the measuring process and generate several price quotes for models that will fit your home.


3. You must then determine whether a straight stairlift will fit your staircase or if you require a custom curved staircase. This step is fairly straightforward as it is easy to tell based on the shape of your stairs. Keep in mind that prices and equipment will vary based on your needs, but you can expect to find a model regardless of whether your staircase is curved or straight.


Choosing a Stairlift

4. Once you have an idea of the type of stairlift you need, your next step is to research the different manufacturers that offer the models that you are considering. Every company that we recommend has had their company licenses, insurance, certifications, and contact information carefully checked and verified so that you can avoid getting ripped off or hiring unlicensed or uninsured installers and dealers.

5. Confirm the model of stairlift model that best suits the user’s weight and height as well as one that meets your staircase measurements. There are certain models that are available for those who may be taller or overweight, including stairlifts that feature a larger seat or a heavier frame.

6. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a self-installed option. While you may be handy around the home or have a friend or family member that has offered to save you money by installing the stairlift for you, there are certain requirements that must be met for a stairlift installation. For example, a technician must be licensed and present as he or she has undertaken several years of field training, factory training, and class work that included electronics, AC/DC electricity, building safety codes, and hydraulics.

Researching Prices and Installers

7. Once you have decided on a stairlift model, you can receive installed stairlift prices from local companies for free using our website. We deal with only verified and trusted companies, and by having multiple companies compete for your business, you can ultimately safe time and money by choosing the one that meets your needs and your budget. No more calling around to various companies throughout your area; trusted installers are located right here on our website.

8. You will then want to research the local stairlift installer’s reputation. You can use our website, free of cost, to do this. You can read real reviews from real consumers, not statements written by the companies themselves in order to promote their services. By hiring an installer through our website, you can rest assured that its history, certifications, and equipment are verified, trustworthy, and accurate.

Installing Your Stairlift

9. Next, schedule the stairlift installation. The company on whom you decide will speak with you in person to determine a time and schedule that fits your needs. The technician will arrive at your home, take measurements to verify the information that you have provided, and install your unit. Depending on the model you choose, a typical installation may take two to four hours, including a user instruction session.


10. Finally, after your stairlift has been installed, you will receive an on-site demonstration in which you will learn about the various safety features and common service issues of the unit. Should you find a stairlift company through our service, this training and demonstration session is also conducted at no extra cost to you.

stairlift demo

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