Caring for Your Stairlift

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Stairlifts are extremely useful for anyone with reduced or limited mobility, whether this is due to strokes, arthritis, disability, or other causes. If cared for properly, a stairlift can last you a lifetime and is a worthwhile investment for your home. Here are a few tips to help you to look after and maintain your stairlift to ensure you can benefit from its use for many years to come.

1. The Basics

When you buy a stairlift, it is important to read through the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the basic rules pertaining to the chair. For instance, each device has a maximum weight that should not be exceeded if you hope to keep the chair in good working order. Similarly, outdoor stairlifts have different requirements in terms of care and cleaning than those of indoor products. Consult your manual or contact the manufacturer if you have any questions relating to the basic care of the unit and follow the requirements exactly to ensure the longevity of the product. Looking-After-A-Stairlift

2. Regular Cleaning

Keeping your stairlift clean is an effective, simple way to maintain its lifespan. Get a damp cloth or duster and wipe over the seat and track at least once a week to prevent dirt and dust from building up and blocking the chair from smoothly gliding up and down the stairs. Avoid the use of detergents and solvents as these can be abrasive and can wear away at the paint or other materials on the product. Instead, for best results, opt for a damp soapy cloth. hqdefault

3. Lubricate the Track

Over time, your stairlift may become stiff, so occasionally lubricating the track can help to prevent this deterioration of movement. Apply a small amount of a lubricant such as Vaseline to the track and any moving parts on the chair to keep them well-oiled. It’s important to do this after you clean the stairlift and its track, so make sure you remove all visible dirt and debris beforehand.

4. Maintenance

For best results, always keep your stairlift fully charged and avoid unplugging the chair. Don’t be afraid to leave it plugged in to the wall to avoid the battery pack draining; the amount of energy the stairlift requires is relatively low. Arrange an annual inspection to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and if you experience any sudden problems or warning signs that the chair is malfunctioning, call an engineer right away. installation Taking care of your stairlift is an easy way to maintain its functionality and its lifespan. Whether you are physically able to do this yourself or you need to request that a family member or friend assist you, it is important to read the manual, keep the chair clean, and call for help if you notice warning signs that the device may be failing.

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