Hawaii Stairlift | Is Renting a Stair Chair Lift for You?

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Is it possible to rent a stairlift in Hawaii or anywhere else instead of buying one? Oftentimes, people wonder whether it is possible to rent a stairlift for a period of time rather than purchasing it. The answer is, yes, you can rent from a reputable stairlift company. However, your personal situation and the type of product you are seeking will contribute to whether renting or buying is right for you. Hawaii Stairlift

Choosing a Hawaii Stairlift Rental Company

Many stair chair lift providers will offer potential customers free surveys, evaluations, and quotations. Some independent distributors will also be able to give you a choice of high-quality, safe, and reliable chair lifts for stairs that will match your exact needs and budget. It’s important to remember to not be shy about asking for references and researching a possible stairlift provider. Our website can help you to compare companies side-by-side, and we can connect you with several local, pre-vetted suppliers that have a successful track record of providing stairlifts for customers in Honolulu or other parts of Hawaii. Not every rental stairlift is designed equally. Some may seem cheaper in material and quality than others, so consider the following features when shopping for your rental stairlift in the Honolulu, Hawaii area: – An adjustable seat belt for comfort and safety – A key switch to prevent unauthorized use if others will be in the home – Appropriate rider weight capacity with a minimum of 264 pounds to 350 pounds – Battery-powered that will allow the chair to function in a power outage – Swivel seat to allow you to get on and off the stair lift safely Honolulu Chair Stair Lift

Reasons to Rent a Chair Stair Lift

While purchasing may seem ideal under some circumstances, there are several instances in which renting a stairlift may be better suited for your situation. If you are recovering from a surgery or injury or if you are living in temporary accommodations in which a permanent installation is not ideal, renting might be the better option. Additionally, you may prefer to have a lower initial payment with a reasonable monthly fee rather than pay thousands of dollars up-front, particularly if you will be moving in the near future or you only need a stairlift for several weeks or months. Others may choose to rent if they are unsure of the model that they will be comfortable in and want to avoid being permanently tied to a wrong decision.

Stairlift Rental Costs

While terms for stairlift rentals will vary from supplier to supplier, the standard arrangement for an indoor straight track rental is that initially you will be required to pay the following items upfront: – Refundable deposit of $200 to $800 depending on the equipment and whether you own or rent your home – Stairlift installation fee of $350 to $600 – Minimum rental term charge for three months that can range from $180 to $300 per month – Stairlift removal fee of $200 to $500

Limitations on Rental Stairlifts in Hawaii

Stair lifts available for rent are almost always limited to chairs that travel up and down straight staircases as these are stock items and just require a customized track or rail length. Custom curving stairlifts and outdoor stairlifts are extremely unusual to find from any stairlift retailer as the cost of reconditioning the units are high, and custom rail construction is required to fit the unit to your unique staircase design. If you require a chair lift for stairs that runs continuously up and down multiple flights of stairs or you are looking to rent one for the summer season to use in beautiful weather, you may be disappointed by the lack of availability of customized chairs and may consider purchasing a stairlift rather than renting. Stair Lifts in Hawaii

Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey to a Quality Stairlift?

To locate an experienced contractor in Honolulu or other parts of Hawaii, please submit details about your home and needs using the form on this page. We’ll match you with qualified, pre-vetted professionals near you who will be able to assist you with your stairlift needs. You’ll also be able to compare companies and stair lift prices, and you may find that more than one provider has submitted a bid for your review. Simply review the company’s testimonials, research their products, and make a decision based on your needs and your budget. It’s that easy.

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