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Before installation, an in-home stairlift evaluation will be conducted to help determine which stairlift product will best meet your needs, as well as to gather the necessary information to provide you with an accurate quote. If you already have a stairlift in mind, an assessment can help to determine whether that particular model will be well-suited in your home.

Steps in the Stairlift Installation Process

Before Installation

1. With the information gathered during the home evaluation, a technician arrives at your residence to install your stairlift. Typically, the installation and instruction process can take between two and four hours, depending on the stairlift product and options you have chosen.

During Installation

2. The technician assembles the stairlift track onto the stairway to ensure that it is the correct size and will properly fit to the structure. Each stairlift track is customized for the needs of the stairlift model you chose, as well as for your specific staircase. In most homes, the stairlift track is installed on the same side as the wall on the staircase. If your home has two walls, the stairlift is generally installed on the side without the railing.

3. The stairlift technician secures the track to the stairs using a series of brackets, which screw into the stair’s tread. A stairlift installation will not damage or attack to risers or walls.

4. The wireless call/send remotes are installed. This is the feature that will allow you to “call” the stairlift to the bottom or the top of the staircase using a wireless remote control device.

5. The stairlift chair is installed. The technician makes initial adjustments based on the user and the home.

After Installation

6. You will have the opportunity to sit in the stairlift chair to test for fit and sizing. The technician makes adjustments as needed to the footrest, safety belt, seat height, and armrests to ensure that the stair lift is comfortable, safe, and easy to use.

7. The technician plugs the stairlift into a regular electrical outlet, providing power to the on-board battery that charges the stairlift. During power outages, battery-powered stairlifts will operate for a period of time because they do not require electricity.

8. The stairlift is tested to ensure that it is properly functioning.

9. The technician provides complete and thorough instruction on the proper use of the stairlift as well as any additional options or controls that you have requested.

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While many people believe that they can simply install a stairlift on their own, it is best to work with a certified or licensed stairlift technician to ensure your safety and/or the safety of your loved ones. Most people do not have the proper training and tools to correctly install a stairlift, so many suppliers strongly discourage self-installation and may void their manufacturer’s warranty when one of their stairlifts is not installed by an authorized dealer.

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