Product Spotlight and Review: The Hawle Treppenlifte

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When stairs become a barrier to mobility at home, the Hawle Treppenlifte personal stair lift may be the perfect solution. Manufactured in Germany with all the engineering that has long set German manufacturing apart from the rest, Hawle Treppenlifte makes quality indoor, outdoor, curved, and straight chairlifts. The Hawle is distributed across the United States by Precision Stairlifts.

Hawle Indoor Stair lift Models

Hawle indoor stairlifts are customizable to match your homes’ interior or exterior, with chairs available in several materials. Hawle offers a variety of fabrics and hundreds of color choices for a completely customizable chair that will look great in your home. Customers have hundreds of color combinations to choose from and can even opt to have the chair one color, the carriage another, and the rail another.

Hawle Outdoor Stair lifts

Hawle-outdoor-stair-liftOutdoor stairlifts are installed with a zinc-coated steel rail that doesn’t rust and won’t be damaged by the elements. Outdoor stairlifts are custom built to the consumer’s needs and be straight or curved. Though the upholstery and carriage can be any of a wide variety of colors, the rail on an outdoor stairlift does not have color options.

Hawle stairlift specifications

  • Hawle Treppenlifte chair lifts have a weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Fully customized lifts with over 220 colors available
  • Material options include leather, vinyl, and fabric
  • Can be installed in any staircase at least 30 inches wide
  • Installs close to wall to maximize stair access, with only 6.3 inches from wall to rail
  • Can be installed on stairways up to 131 feet
  • Can be installed on steep stairs with up to a 70 degree gradient
  • Fold up seat and foot rest minimizes storage space
  • Power swivel seat
  • Joystick control comes standard
  • Optional key switch and 2 button switch available
  • Up to 180 degree curve radius (outdoors)

Stairlift Safety Features

  • Seat belts
  • Emergency stop button
  • Overspeed governor that prevents excessive speed
  • Two radio remote controls that allow the chair to be called from around walls or obstructions
  • sensors on the back panel and foot rests stop the chair immediately if something touches them

The Bottom Line

Both indoor and outdoor Hawle stairlifts can handle twists and curves that other chairlifts cant. Customer have over 200 color choices for indoor models, and leather, fabric, and vinyl material options in 19 colors, so the chair will match your home’s interior. Hawle stairlifts are perfect for homes with steep stairways or stairways with multiple curves and levels. These chairlifts include standard safety features, and unlike most stairlift makers, Hawle stairlifts come standard with two remote controls. Powered by a 230 V, 50 Hz battery, and a 350 watt engine with a gear rack drive, these stairlifts travel smooth and at a speed of up to 19.68 feet per minute. The bottom line is that Hawle Treppenlifte stairlifts are state-of-the-art lifts that go beyond standard manufacturing practices. With power, style, a wide variety of color and fabric options, improved safety and accessibility controls, and indoor, outdoor, curved, and straight options, It’s easy to see why these stairlifts have carried some of the highest safety ratings in Europe.

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