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Stairlift Company Reviews was founded to help to connect consumers with the stairlift that can best meet their needs by allowing them to compare models, manufacturers, and suppliers within minutes. While there is an ocean of information available on the Internet, we can directly answer any inquiries you may have about the buying process, installation, pricing, and more. Please contact us today with any questions regarding stairlifts, and we will do our best to assist you. If you know the stairlift model for which you are searching, we may be able to help you find it.


I am a disabled senior. does Medicare help pay for a stairlift?

By Anita Newell On May 23, 2018

Anita, In almost all circumstances , unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for it. However, its advisable to contact your local office. Some cases may be different

By David May 23, 2018 at 4:54 am319279

Concord liberty stairlift manufactured may 2000 can they be used left & right side of stairs?

By Lisa On May 23, 2018

what kind of oil or grease do you use for chain

By paul On May 23, 2018

I'm reading a lot of negative reviews about Acorn, but could this be simply because there are just so many of them out there? Are they really that bad? The price differential is quite significant for curved stairlifts.

By Adrienne On May 23, 2018

what is the max weight?

By Sue Faber On May 23, 2018

Hi! I need one, could you send it to Mexico City?

By Elias On May 23, 2018

How are stairs in a bi-level handled? Curved? Got about 6 steps from 1st level to a landing (main house entrance), then 180 degree turn and up about another 9 steps to second level of home.?

By Ken Olszonowicz On May 23, 2018

We need to install a stairlift in our church. Easy climber does not do churches. What companies will?

By Nancy On May 23, 2018

Hi We bought a used Harmar Pinacle SL 600 used. The people warrenty went out just before we bought it. It was about 3500 installed and we paid 1000 plus a new set of batteries for about 60 The lift goes up and down well without someone on it but makes a noise and will not lift someone upstairs, without someone pushing the unit from the side. However, if they get up stairs they come down easily. The manufacturer Harmar seemed upset that we bought it used and were not helpful. Telling us that some of their dealers won't fix used harmars bought from other dealers. So I call up the dealer that sold it and without looking at it says it is the problem with the motor and that the motor and drive cannot be replaced and that we will have to buy a reconditioned model for 1600 and then I take the unit to a dealer and they charge for 2 hours and say the same thing and a tech comes and says the same thing. But neither of them tested it on the rail. Finally I find another dealer I trust but tell him not to send in the serial number because I know there will be the same answer when he does. And then he says he wont but then goes outside and then come inside and tells them the serial number and we have the same problem that it will be a minimum of 1600 dollars for reconditioned unit and that the manufacturer will not replace the old motor. Everything was fine before the serial number is called. I think for 3500 dollars there is no way they could sell something that cannot be fixed. But the strange thing is this seems to work going down or when pushed going up. It just wont turn the shaft when going up. He said the motor may turn but not the shaft and something is wrong with the motor and that they stopped using the motor and same shaft in 2014 but require the whole drive chassis to be replaced as I said at 1600 this seem radical. I would like to report my experience to a consumer bureau such as federal consumer agency. This seems unreasonable. The dealer wants me to buy the new chassis for 1600 or buy a used acorn 120 for 1800. I think this is not a great deal and want your opiniion on what to do or what consumer agency to report this too

By Maynard Hiss On May 23, 2018

Can the speed at which the chair goes be changed

By Pat Graham On May 23, 2018

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