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is it possible to add an extension to a stair lift. we have a 10 steps one and need a 12 step

By barbara On May 23, 2018

We presently live in a upstairs apartment and have 2 acorn stairlifts, 1 for the bottom stairs to the landing and 1 from the landing to the door to go into out apartment. NOW what I am trying to find out is that we are moving to another apartment on the second floor and wold like to be able to use these stairlifts. We need to find out if these 2 stairlifts which we use now that are inside can be used in an outdoor enviroment. The stairs that they would be used on are undercover and wouldn't be in the weather. Thank you for any info you can give us.

By Elizabeth Emmons On May 23, 2018

how to connect mains electricity to a stairlift

By chrisoflanagan On May 23, 2018

Can you add on to an existing stairlift?

By Pat Dvorak On May 23, 2018

Is there a cost for permit & inspection necessary for installation of stairlift in hiome?

By Rhonda Slade On May 23, 2018

no can't do

By Mike Perrino May 23, 2018 at 4:46 am106179

I am looking for a standing stairlift to go up to the choir loft of my church. I became disabled in 2015, and there are other members who could use the lift if it were available. I was thinking of various fundraising projects, or a GoFundMe page to pay for it. The bottom three steps are triangular, while the other 18 steps are straight. I guess that is L-shaped. There is a door at the top, but clear space at the bottom. Can this be built, and would it cost more than putting a lift in a house?

By Pat M. On May 23, 2018

is there any stairlift that allows you to remove the chair when not in use?

By Gail On May 23, 2018

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