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Stair lifts have become one of the leading ways to keep families in their homes once stairways affect the mobility of loved ones. While most home improvements are costly and time consuming, most quality chairlifts are affordable and installation takes less time than you probably think.

Our customers routinely save money by educating themselves on stair lift pricing, comparing product reviews, and allowing dealers to compete for their business.

How much does a stair lift cost?

How much a stairlift costs is dependent on whether it will be for indoor or outdoor use, the number of steps involved, whether the stairwell is straight or curved, and if there are any additional features. Please visit our stairlift cost calculator to get an idea of how much a brand new stairlift for your home might cost.

Indoor Stairlift Prices

Straight indoor stairlifts that lift 12 or 13 stairs set the base price for nearly all types of stairlifts. The price for a straight indoor stairlift is based on many variables and can be as high at $12,000, depending on warranties and many other options that could be involved,  that would be determined when the dealer makes a site visit and is able to survey the actual steps and staircase involved.

Outdoor Stairlift Prices

Outdoor stairlift prices, as well as the prices for any special features, increased weight capacity, or folding rails, can have a big impact on the pricing. They should however be measured by a competent dealer to determine the options needed, you can expect a price of upwards of $10,000 depending on the manufacturer.

Other factors that can increase the price of stairlift are curves and levels. When a stairlift in stalled around curves, up and around landings, on stairways with 90 degree turns, the cost is increased by the additional rail, fixtures, and labor.

Stair lift rental prices

If you need a stairlift for short-term or temporary purposes, renting a stairlift may make sense. Renting a chairlift for a temporary situation for up to 6 months can solve immediate needs, however if you will need the stairlift for longer than six months, it would not be cost-effective to rent one. Once you consider the cost of installation, de-installation, the amount of rail needed for your specific stairwell, as well as the rental fee, you can see that the rental costs relative to purchase costs are higher.

Another factor to consider is that if you buy a stairlift, you can make at least some return on your investment if you sell it when you are finished with it.

Used Stair lifts

The prices for used chair lifts can be several hundred dollars to a couple thousand less than a new one. Chairlifts made my major manufacturers, like Acorn, Bruno, Stannah, and Sterling, are built to last and would probably not have as many issues as used stairlifts from other manufacturers.

With that being said, buying a used stairlift can present problems. Parts may no longer be available and if there is a warranty, it would not be nearly as good or as lengthy as a new one would be. Local dealers may not be able to support the service and maintenance of the machine.

Used stair lifts may not be as customizable as new ones, so they may not match your needs the way a new chair lift would. They also may not have some of the better features that are standard today.

Options That Can Impact Stairlift Prices

  • Most manufacturers offer a variety of seat options including colors, fabrics, and styles. These seat options can add $200 to $800 to the total cost.
  • Most manufacturers ship 16 feet of track with the stairlift. Additional track is usually shipped in as 16 feet tracks, and can costs $50 to $100 per lineal foot.
  • Features and options will add costs to the bottom line, and the more options chosen, the higher the total cost. Options that may be available for a stairlift include, deluxe seating options, power swivel, power footrest, remote chair controls, additional charging stations, and top of the stairs overrun.

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