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AcornUKStraightSet23-7-1511151_preview.jpegNYC Stairlifts is the answer to “Oh, my aching back”! The right stairlift for your home will do more than move seniors from first to second floor, it can move laundry and groceries saving your aching back.  Stairlifts will do the heavy lifting up a variety of stair cases. If your stair case is narrow or wide, straight or curved, inside or outside; there is a stairlift to meet your needs.  Whether you home is modern, industrial, traditional, eclectic, or neoclassical there is a seat that will blend with your décor in a variety of shapes and finishes. Who provides these amazing stairlifts? Stannah. In NYC, Stannah stands for quality and has been lifting people into the air for 150 years.  Founded in 1867 as a hoist and lift company for ship cargo, they moved quickly into dumbwaiters and elevators as skyscrapers began to reach into the sky.  Stannah set the standards for stairlifts with 11 international branches. Stannah has distributed over 600,000 stairlifts worldwide. Since 1994, the NYC branch is installing and servicing stairlifts with customer focused commitment to quality craftsmanship.  

Aging in Place With Your NYC Stairlift

Stairlifts move seniors right back up in their homes so they can age in place.  What are the benefits of aging in place? Senior independence. In the United States, a senior is treated at the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds.  Stairlifts prevent falls. Stairlifts allow seniors to remain in their familiar routines, with their familiar environment, and their lifetime of familiar possessions.  Familiarity prevents depression, anxiety, and enhances the quality of the senior’s life. The Choice is Yours Stairlifts by Stannah are designed to fit your home.  Your choice which upholstery, finish, style, safety features are neatly folded into your stairlift.  Call (888) 502-4173 to arrange an in-home assessment.  The assessment must be in-home so that the staircases can be addressed to enhance safety for the senior.  You can consider the information provided and call in the order days later, there is no pressure to decide immediately.  Installation takes a couple hours as highly trained technicians personalize your stairlift. Phones are answered 24 hours, 365 days a year so help is a phone call away.     NYC Stairlift


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