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Premium Straight StairLift Reviews
Manufacturer Harmar Sterling Acorn Bruno
Model Pinnacle SL600 Handicare/1000 Acorn 130 Indoor Elite SRE-2010
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Cost $$$ $$$ $$ $
Adjustability Good Very Good Great Very Good and Easy

Lightest unit

Operable in a power outage – up to 40 trips!

Patented helical worm gear

Attractive Rail

Unique Controls

Perch Seat Option

Power Swivel & Seat





90′ Swivel

Narrowest track on the market at 2.5 inches

Clean Design

Continuous Charge

400lb Capacity

Slim Design -Compact!

90′ Swivel

Cons Highly Priced 300lb Max capacity Not As Slim as Others When Folded Power Options are a bit pricey
Basic Straight StairLift Reviews
Manufacturer Harmar Sterling Ameriglide Bruno
Model RP350 Alpine II Handicare/Simplicity 1 Elan SRE-3000
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Cost $$ $$ $ $$$
Adjustability Very easy to adjust the seat a large, comfortable swivel seat which will transport you in comfort on your stairs Very easy and simple The flip up rail option is a vast improvement over the previous models

Aesthetic track

finished floor mounts

integrated charging bases

Quiet Drive System with Soft Start and Stop


chair folds up when not in use so that it takes up minimal stair space

Very easy

The sterling 950 can be installed in no time at all.

Inexpensive option

foldaway design

The track sits vertically, which takes up less room

visually pleasing

It folds up to within 12” of the wall

Cons Seat does not stay tightened in order to fold it up. Seat not as adjustable as most people would like Battery life too short The power switch is located on the back of the stair lift making it hard to find
Premium Outdoor StairLift Reviews
Acorn Acorn Hawle
Model Acorn 130 Outdoor HW11 Outdoor
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Cost $ $$$
Adjustability Excellent Excellent

Excellent in all Weather conditions and folds up nicely

All inclusive system…no hidden extras. 220 colors, 18 colored upholsteries including leather at no additional cost.

Its commercially rated

Cons Medium Priced with Best Value On the Market Very Bulky and a bit on the expensive side
Curved StairLift Reviews
Manufacturer Bruno Acorn Sterling Harmar
Model Elite CRE-2110 Acorn 180 Indoor Handicare/2000 CSL 500
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Cost $$$ $ $$ $$$$
Adjustability Most Adjustable on the market Arm width , seat height and footrest can all be adjusted Extremely adjustable No other curved track available can be fitted closer to the wall and leave so much free space on your stairs Extremely smooth ride

Arms, seat and footrest flip up creating plenty of space

Remarkable stable ride from top to bottom

Visual diagnostics for instant unit status

very pleasant on the eyes

The turns are not a problem with the Acorn 180

can be fitted to spiral and narrow staircase where the turning points get tighter


The twin rail system, designed for a stable and smooth ride

The Sterling 2000 comes with 2 year manufacturer’s parts warranty and LIFETIME warranty on the gearbox and motor


Very nice design that allows for a complete hug of the stairs

Mounts inside or outside the stairway to maintain pedestrian access

Cons Bulky rails Not As Slim as Others When Folded No clipped seat belt Can become costly with options

Our StairLift Review Process

Purchasing a stair lift is an important decision as well as a significant investment. You will want to make sure that the model you choose not only falls into your budget but is also designed to fit your needs and meets your criteria for certain safety features. Here are several factors we used above to distinguish various stair lift models:


Cost is one of the first things that consumers look at when they are in the market for a stairlift. While products tend to fluctuate in price depending on the economy and the demand for that particular product, for the past few years, costs of stairlifts have remained stable. Prices can range from $1,500 for a basic straight stairlift to $3,000 for an econmy model. Heavy-duty units, outdoor stairlifts, and custom curved lifts will increase the price and may peak at $10,000 or more.


Many stairlift manufacturers will not honor the warranty on a stairlift unless the product is installed by one of the company’s trained and licensed technicians. While some people may choose to install the stairlift themselves, you will need to make sure that there is a manufacturer warranty in place for the model you are considering. For this reason, it is often recommended that a certified installer complete the job for you to ensure that you are covered should the unit malfunction.


It is important to keep in mind the various features on the product in terms of how well the stairlift can accommodate the user. This is particularly important if more than one resident will be using the stairlift, so consider purchasing a model that has adjustable seats or one that can accommodate varying weights or needs.


Some stairlifts are designed to look like another piece of furniture in your home. While this may not be important if you are living with a temporary injury and do not plan to keep the stairlift, are renting a stairlift, of if you are planning a move in the near future, those who are considering purchasing a stairlift for the long-term may desire a product that meshes into the current décor of the residence.

Stair Lift Reviews

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